My allegedly “racist” comments

Some of you may have seen the furor over a story about a "racist" comment I allegedly made last Monday on the floor of the Arizona House of
Representatives, suggesting a day to celebrate "whites." The reporting has been a distortion of what really happened in chambers that day! To those of you who were offended, I invite you to see for yourself what
happened.…=9864 the
proposal is offered at 7 minutes; the exchange begins at 12-1/2 minutes)

– The actual exchange was about 4 minutes and it began after the proposal for a Latino Day was introduced by my respected friend, Richard Miranda, whose proposal I in fact supported.

My comments were not meant to be serious, and nobody took my comments
seriously that day; they were meant to break the partisan tension that
was escalating between certain members. My comments intentionally provoked laughter and brought an end to the tension. I am very disappointed at how the media mischaracterized my comments. It’s nice that we have instant replays nowadays, so that we can see for ourselves if the media is really "telling it like it is." * *

By Cecil Ash

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