SRP elections

Dear Friends,****

The SRP Elections are coming up soon. I know you want to do your civic duty and vote. **

There are 3 ways to get a ballot, but you must act in the next week. Now is better.****

1. Call 602-236-3048 and they will qualify you.**

2. Go to****

3. Fill out the attached form, including the date and your place of birth –required by statute — we need better legislators 🙂 — and return it to SRP.**

This may come as a surprise to you, but I’m supporting my brother, Fred Ash, and an an east valley lawyer named *Bert Millett.*****

Both good businessmen. Very frugal. We want our rates to *stay low. *****

*Fred *is an incumbent but is opposed by some of the establishment for
making waves. He has been on the board for 30+ years. That’s why SRP is considered one of the best-managed utilities in the country.****

Someone has to vote. Why not you?****

Regards, ****

Cecil Ash****

If you want more details on the candidates or the SRP elections, please call me at 480-892-4687. If you want to call Fred, call 480-969-8988****

By Cecil Ash

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